The HerStories Project is seeking personal essays from Gen-X women about how their lives and emotions have been affected by this historical moment.


Tell us your own story. Take us inside your experience.

We are looking for personal essays that convey how Gen-X women like you are experiencing this unprecedented time, in the weeks before one of the most consequential elections of the modern era.

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Completed drafts and original work only, please.

Simultaneous submissions permitted, as long as you notify us.

Word count: 750-1200 words.

Payment: $50

Submissions will be accepted and published on an ongoing basis through November.

You will receive notification of the status of your submission within 4 weeks.

We are not able at this point to provide individual feedback on each submission.

— co-editors Jessica Smock and Stephanie Sprenger



"We were told we could be whatever we wanted to be—even the president of the United States.

But instead, we occupy a country that still hasn’t had a female president, where a volatile, egomaniacal former reality TV star was elected instead of a highly qualified woman.

And we’re pissed.

We’re pissed that our nation is still run by old, white men.

'See? We’re not slackers,' we’re whispering. But no one’s listening. We can barely hear each other’s voices under the staggering load we’re all carrying." — Lynn, Shattuck, Why Gen-X Women Are Furious

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